Secure 128 AES Encryption HLS Streaming Netflix Setup

  • Posted on Thursday, April 21, 2016


HLS Streaming is a technique that use to stream their videos, you may have notice that sometimes your picture may pixelate for a moment and then return to HD quality.  This is Multi Bitrate Adaptive Streaming magic it will serve a lower bitrate stream based on the quality of internet connection.

HLS streaming is great because it puts an end to the really annoying spinning buffer wheel so your users can still watch videos no matter how bad their internet connection is.


This is the most secure online setup you can get.
The Advanced Encryption Standard or AES is a symmetric block cipher used by the U.S. government to protect classified information and is implemented in software and hardware throughout the world to encrypt sensitive data.

Encoding & Transcoding

We use the awesome Amazon Elastic Encoder to encode our videos into ten second segments here is a quick intro tutorial that will help for anyone just starting out Watch Tutorial.


All the Media Players within the S3Bubble WordPress Plugin are setup to work responsively and re size perfectly for any device, give it a go.

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