360 Degree Virtual Reality Videos With Amazon Web Services

  • Posted on Monday, September 5, 2016


You can now add 360 degree video to S3Bubble simply upload your 360 degree video and under the embed options you can create a html file for the 360 degree video player.

If you have any questions please contact us at support@s3bubble.com.

Setup Info

1. Please download this free 360 video to your computer. Download Here

2. Upload to a (AWS) bucket of your choice.

3. Click edit object to go into your video. Scroll down under the embed option and you will see a link Create 360 Pano File. Click the link. You should get this alert

Successfully generated your 360 degree video html file you can find your embed code within the embed section.

4. Grab your generated iframe code the url will be in the following format. https://media.s3bubble.com/embed/pano/id/Nqfm8526.

5. Paste the url directly into Twitter tweet https://media.s3bubble.com/embed/pano/id/Nqfm8526 or paste the iframe code into your website.

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