Awesome Powerful Marketing Video Adverts For Affiliates

  • Posted on Thursday, June 2, 2016

In this tutorial we will create a great marketing video to help you sell your product. The output will be the same as the video you see in the bottom right corner of this post.

The video is generate with the following shortcode just embedded at the bottom of this post.

[ s3bubbleAdvertiser url="" width="360" height="203" bottom="10px" right="10px" controls="hidden" autoplay="true" advert_link="false" advert_url="" /]

There is a space at the front of this code please remove to use it is there to stop the code running in this post.

Works on mobile
Hide controls
Mute audio
Add external links
Secure streaming
HLS or Progressive streaming
Mute volume
Auto play video
Position anywhere on the screen
Have different videos on posts or pages

You have the following options when using the shortcode.

'url'          =>  "",
'width'        =>  360, // player width
'height'       =>  203, // player height
'top'          =>  "", // pixels from bottom
'bottom'       =>  "", // pixels from right
'left'         =>  "", // pixels from right
'right'        =>  "", // pixels from right
'controls'     =>  "shown", // shown|hidden
'autoplay'     =>  "false", // true|false
'audio'        =>  "off", // on|off
'advert_link'  =>  "false", // true|false
'advert_url'   =>  "" // any url without http://

As you can see we have a wide array of options for you simply add them to your shortcode. You can also add captions for language support and thumbnails.

Download the S3Bubble WordPress Plugin here..

Or install directly through WordPress simply search S3Bubble.

We hope you enjoy this awesome new feature if you would like any extras please let us know at

[s3bubbleAdvertiser url="" width="360" height="203" bottom="10px" right="10px" controls="shown" autoplay="true" audio="off" advert_link="false" advert_url="" /]

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