Free Desktop App MAC Windows Generate BIF Thumbnails Roku

In this example we are using bif thumbnails generated by our desktop app this adds great seek functionality to the progress bar.

Create bifs on MacOS and Windows that can be uploaded directly to the S3Bubble player or used with Roku to be used in trick mode.

Trick mode is defined as a feature that enables visual feedback during playback operations such as forward and rewind. This function lets a user visualize the timestamp of the content they are seeking. The Roku platform supports two types of trick mode. For channels generating and publishing image archives in the Roku BIF (Base Index Frame) file format, a scene-based trick mode using index frames is supported. Although in case BIF files are either not supported or unavailable, the Roku offers a present a time-based method of supporting trick modes.

To add bif images navigate to your player in the S3Bubble dashboard and in the left hand menu you will see a new option that says.

Video Bif Thumbnails

Upload your bif that was generated and it will display in the player.

You can download our Desktop App for mac and windows simply drag the video file you would like to create a bif from into the window you can set options for time interval and image sizes.

Let us know any bugs at The best formats are .mp4 and .mov.

Full video tutorial

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