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AWS MediaConvert HLS Adaptive Bitrate

In this example, we are using the Amazon Web Services Media Convert OTT system preset for HLS.


Navigate to your object in S3Bubble under storage.

Find your S3 bucket and in the actions menu click view bucket.

Scroll down to the object you want to encode into HLS Adaptive Bitrate format and click the actions menu then Media Convert encryption.

In the popup box select HLS recommended template as you template option from the drop-down make sure you also select your Cloudfront distribution and the Clear key checkbox and click create job.

Important! Your job will be created in the AWS Region you have set you can also set a default region under your profile

When you see the confirmation alert click yes to view progress.

You will now see your job progressing depending on the length of the view you are encoding this might take some time go and grab a coffee.

Now your file has finished progressing you can now view and edit player in the actions menu.

You can now add meta info vast or vpaid ads and lots of other options.

To add the player to your WordPress website simply copy the html code and paste it into any post or page or new wp gutenberg blocks.

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