Connecting The S3Bubble Desktop App To AWS Amazon Web Services


In this post we will show you step by step how to setup the S3Bubble desktop app so you can upload encoded content to Amazon Web Services directly from the app.

We have users saving thousands of pounds a month on AWS encoding fees simply because they are using the S3Bubble desktop app.

If you encode your content in the cloud with AWS Media Convert it will charge you based on how long the video takes to encode using their EC2 instances.

When you use the desktop app you are using your own computer resources so it doesn't cost you anything. For example if you encode a weeks worth of content with AWS Media convert it might cost you $500 if you use the desktop app it will cost you nothing $0.

What You Need

To complete this tutorial you need an AWS account you can create a free AWS account here

We will be using AWS services IAM to make the connect with the desktop app and S3 & Cloudfront to stream our media. All encoding will be done via the S3Bubble desktop app.

IAM Connection

IAM is a service in AWS that lets you create keys to allow other applications to communicate with your service. We will be creating a policy and attaching it to a user.

First go to IAM

Click policies and then create policy.

Select json and paste in the following code.

    "Version": "2012-10-17",
    "Statement": [{
        "Action": [
        "Effect": "Allow",
        "Resource": "*"

Go to the next screen give your policy a name and click create.

What Does This Code Do?

This policy allows access to the services cloudfront & s3 only no other services are required.

Creating A IAM User

Now we will attach this policy to an IAM user and use the keys generated to make the connection with our desktop app.

Go back to IAM and click users and add user.

Give the user a name and check Programmatic access

Next click Attach existing policies directly search for the policy we created in the previous step and click Next tags (add tags if you like) then click next review.

Review your setup and click create user.

This will then display two keys an access key and a secret key these are the keys you will paste into the desktop app to make the connection.

The app will ask to restart, when it is restarted and you have a successful connection you can start to upload content to AWS using the desktop app.

We suggest using one of our Cloudformation templates to get setup quickly with a workflow.

Download Template

Watch the video below for a full example.

Tutorial Video