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DEMO: Video HLS Adaptive Bitrate Multiple Language Captions

Captions can be added to your video within the S3bubble dashboard, navigate to your video then upload your vtt captions files for multiple languages.

You can use our auto-generate feature this will only work on mp4 files.

To auto-select your language please see the example code below.

Live Example Below

HTML Direct insert. You can use this codepen to create your data setup. https://codepen.io/s3bubble/pen/RLGKee

<div class="s3bubble" data-setup='{"codes":["QGQT38553"],"captions":{"selected":"cy"}}'></div>

Adding directly with code (Scripts must be included)

s3bubble("your-video-div-id-in-the-dom").video( {
 	"codes": ["QGQT38553"],

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