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MP4 1080p Custom Font Awesome Buttons

This video was encoded direct through S3Bubble using the Elastic Transcoder with other options under start encryption, preset 1080p.

Custom buttons can be added directly via the dashboard under your video configuration, see the buttons menu in the left-hand menu.

You can select any icons from font awesome here we have selected vimeo and youtube for this example.

Live Example Below

AWS media audio.mp3 will be displayed here...

HTML Direct insert. You can use this codepen to create your data setup.

<div class="s3bubble" data-setup='{"codes":["gNZZ74083"]}'></div>

Adding directly with code (Scripts must be included)

s3bubble("your-video-div-id-in-the-dom").video( {
 	"codes": ["gNZZ74083"]

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