Prevent Screen Recording With Our Desktop App Player

EZDRM Prevent screen recording

In this post you can download an example of our new desktop app player. Our desktop app player allows you to prevent screen recording it will detect when a user is trying to record your content and black out the screen.

Also because our desktop app uses Chromium you only need to focus on one DRM provider Widevine instead of having multiple providers.

To use the desktop app it is as simple as adding a link with the S3Bubble player protocol like the example below. You can add these links anywhere within your websites offloading all the bulk of a browser player and eliminating any cross browser compatibility issues.

<a href="s3b://code=qyf6oz&autoplay=true&muted=true">open player</a>

We can create and compile your own personal desktop app for your company with your custom company branding.

To view the app in action and test the screen recording functionality click the links below.


Download Desktop App Here

Please contact us for more details.