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    Hi, can I add 2 or more buckets to one website. As we have large content, we would like to stay around 5GB quota per S3 bucket. Pls advise.

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    What I’ve done personally is create two buckets through S3Bubble, one for m3u8 encrypted videos and the other the “simple setup” for videos to just play as MP4s.

    From there, I log into my Amazon S3 account directly (not through the S3bubble interface), click on one of the two buckets I created through S3bubble, then create as many subdirectories/folders as I want, and upload as many videos as I want in each subdirectory directly through Amazon S3 (although once those subdirectories are created, they are recognized and accessible through S3bubble’s interface as well.

    That’s my solution to managing my videos. And when an Mp4 is already in a subdirectory/folder I’ve created, when I then encrypt it to a m3u8 file I select that same folder for the the new encrypted file, which keeps everything organized. Hope that helps.

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