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    Following error are receiving for our website in chromium browser. Different errors are coming for different test.

    Error for Iframe code :

    Access Denied
    Url could not be accessed 403 permission denied

    Error for Self Hosted Setup :

    No compitable source was found for this media

    In other browser Mozilla and Chrome all videos work.
    Can anybody provide solution.

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    Hi Site,

    After some research Chromium here seems to be the general overview.

    Google Chrome is the end product designed for everyday use. Chromium is an opensource project to develop the code that runs Google Chrome.

    One thing to note, Google Chrome releases obtained via Google officially should be stable whereas code from the Chromium project is cutting edge and likely to be buggy.

    If you want a browsing experience that isn’t riddled with bugs, go for Google Chrome. If you enjoy browser crashes and Flash memory and CPU usage being through the roof, you clearly need the bleeding edge untested code direct from the chromium project.

    This is not something we can support your issue will probably be resolved via a chromium update maybe post the bug on their forum.

    Best Regards


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