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    Guys, this has happened to me TWICE now so I wanted to drop a note of suggestion your way about something. I am quite sure that you all work way too hard to let something like this cost you valuable accounts.

    There’s a lot of credit card fraud that goes on over here and I’m sure you encounter a degree of the same on your side of the pond. I’ve had 2-3 new VISA/MC cards, and 2 new AMEX cards just this year so far! When I get a new number that means I have to update every swinging online account I have and, while I’m an organizational nut, I’m not THAT organized.

    Fortunately, there are services that 99% of the online merchants I deal with subscribe to so that my credit card numbers in my online accounts are automatically updated so I don’t have to do that manually. I’d be up feces creek if I had to do it manually, along with the rest of the free-world credit card holders.

    My problem is that S3Bubble is the only online account I have, and I have dozens, that does NOT auto-update credit card numbers. I am undoubtedly going to forget that I have to manually update the account. Period. My account has expired twice now and it can be a week or two before someone brings it to my attention that the players on my site aren’t working anymore <sigh>.

    May I politely suggest a couple of things that would be a win-win for both of us?

    1. Why not send out an email to expiring account holders (no matter the reason) giving them a heads up?? Please?

    2. Look into the auto-updating credit card# features that are available to online merchants.

    Why not? 😉

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