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    Hi S3,

    I upgraded my account this morning, twice. I signed up for a 2 site place for $40/month. After I entered my CC, everything was fine for a while but now I’m getting this message. “Upgrade your account now!”

    Please advise.

    PS: Do you have chat help? I’d like to talk to someone about this soon.

    Thanks, Walter Fordham

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    Hi walterfordham,

    Can you send your email to support@s3bubble.com we can continue this conversation there, I have looked at your account and can see all your payments in Paypal they all seem to have been cancelled this is normally due to an issue with the card you may be using.

    Do you have another payment method you can try, if you set up a Paypal account first with your card then use the Paypal options.

    Best Regards


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