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    Hello Sam and Team,

    I am sending a detailed emails with my week’s testing results in hopes this will help you assist me in resolving the issue I am some other may be having with the inability to no longer stream live since the many changes went into place. I put on my technical hat and went to work testing various scenarios and here is what I concluded:

    1. After configuring all channels, inputs and cloudfront distributions I am able to preview the live stream using the MediaPlayer just fine.

    2. When opening the screen in the Stream section of the Streamium Theme, the screen is blank, even though the setting are correct.

    3. I then did a test creating standard Blog Post from the POSTS section using the same settings:

    4. Suddenly, the Live Stream could be viewed normally with no trouble, as it should:

    5. However, since there is currently no way to show standard Blog Posts within the Streamium sections of the theme, making this Live Stream available to the viewing publics (my paying subscribers) is not possible.

    Therefore I can only conclude that there is something within the Main Sections of the Theme that prevents the viewing of live content unlike before and the theme is in need of an update to correct this issue/bug. If I am incorrect, then you will have to let me know what else could be the trouble because I have tried everything, including trying to use one of the Extra1 tabs, another of my sections and none of than are capable of viewing the live stream other than the Posts.

    I have all my setting still in place if you would like to use my account to test any of this for yourself. I will need to turn them off this weekend as not to continue to incur charges from AWS, so please let me know something as soon as possible.

    This is a matter of high importance and urgency as I will need to find a workaround for my next live stream, which is already a month overdue.

    Thank you for your time and assistance. I know you guys are busy, but I appreciate someone getting back to me as soon as possible. I will also post this information in the forum for others that may be experiencing the same issue.

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    Hi Balexing,

    Let me try and answer this.

    There is currently no way to use the theme to stream to a blog post so this makes us think that you have the s3bubble wp plugin installed which would cause issue throughout the theme.

    The theme has all functionality built directly into it meaning there is no need for any s3bubble plugins these will just cause conflicts.

    Please let us know if you have the s3bubble plugin installed if not then we will need to run a test with your setup.

    Best Regards


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