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    I subscribed to live broadcast for 6 hour but until now I was not given live streaming data!

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    Hi Techmax,

    We will check our setup and refund you or give you 6 hours free can you drop us an email to support@s3bubble.com so we can get some extra information from you?

    Best Regards


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    The worst support I have ever seen !

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    Hi Techmax,

    Please find another service something that can handle your need for support.

    We honestly explained our situation about the size of our team on chat with you and how hard it is to manage every individual user, which has obviously gone in one ear and out the other or you didn’t understand.

    I would invest your time in finding a service that works for you, our premium users are our main priority and always will be.

    We hope you find something that works for you.

    Best Regards


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