How To Create Time Lapse Videos Using Go Pro Hero


In this post we will be demonstrating how to create Time Lapse videos using the S3Bubble desktop app.
You can download the app here:

Sign up for an S3Bubble account and create a free trial and you will have full functionality with the app.

Creating Pics

We have created all our pictures using a Go Pro Hero camera with the picture time frame set to 60 secs.

After you have created all your photos using the Go Pro camera we are going to use the S3Bubble desktop app to turn these images into a streamable video.

Final Video

Navigate to the tools menu in the S3Bubble desktop app and click create Time Lapse Video. This will then ask you to select the folder that has all your images in.

If you are using a Go Pro all your videos should already be in sequence incrementing based on numbers.

Select an output folder, name and click submit the app will then combine all your images together into one video.

Full Video Tutorial