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Do you have video content? Are you a pro at making video tutorials and just don't know how to make money from them?

We are here to help, we want to partner with like minded individuals or companies that have media content to sell.

We can handle all aspects of development.

  • WordPress Theme
  • Roku Channel
  • FireTV Channel
  • Android and IOS Mobile Apps
  • Custom Modifications
  • Custom Workflows

We can setup your whole service hosting everything on Amazon Web Services (AWS). All you need to do is create the media content.

You are still required to pay your monthly AWS streaming costs we do not cover this when partnering.

You're probably thinking what's in it for us? We will take a small percentage of your monthly sales to cover our costs, so it is in our best interests to only partner with individuals or companies that we can see will make money.

We will take a look at your business model and if it meets our standards S3Bubble can get your whole online service up and running.

If you think you can create engaging media content that people would pay money to view then please fill out the form below.

We have to believe in your business to want to commit.

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