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  • 36 Thousand Video Views per month.
  • Limited To 50 Video Views Per Hour.
  • Limited Dashboard Functionality.
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per month

  • $99.99 per month flat fee plus.
    $0.001 Per Video View
  • Hourly Limits Can Be Set To Safely Know Your Maximum Monthly Cost.
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Video views can be tracked within the dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you keep control over all your content and you connect using IAM users full video here.
Below is a list of the services we access.
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Multi region Cloudfront can be added through AWS or by S3Bubble directly through the dashboard please see image below. AWS GEO Cloudfront
Our current pricing is Usage based if you would like to fully licenses the product this can be discussed.
Automation is definitely something we can offer and it is something we offer to other clients but it requires us to add custom functionality to your AWS setup using watchers on input and output buckets combined with Lambda functions to start the MediaConvert encoding process we can set up Job templates for you to reuse.
You can rely on AWS reporting through cloudfront or we suggest you connect a Google Analytics account to get detailed reporting of video plays etc.

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