Save Thousands Of Pounds On Your AWS Encoding Bill


In this post we will be discussing how you can save money on your AWS MediaConvert encoding bill.

If you are not even using AWS you can still save thousands of pounds by using our desktop app and encoding your media locally instead of in the Cloud.

How Cloud Encoding Pricing Works

First let's discussing how Cloud pricing works for most Cloud services you are charged based on compute time the time it takes for the service to encode your media.

You can read more about AWS pricing here.

Let's say you are creating lots of content that you need to encode to HLS Adaptive Bitrate, upload to the Cloud and streamed. You run a fast moving company like a News outlet and it is important to get your content encoded and supplied to the masses fast.

We cover this with our new Desktop App. Our Desktop App allows you to select one video or many and instantly encoded them and upload them to the Cloud for playback.

We also supply the player code and html that you can instantly insert into your WordPress website.

Watch The App In Action

The great thing is your are using your computers compute time not Amazon Web Services so you can reduce your encoding bill from thousands to zero.

The app has been built to handle large files you can upload a 2gb movie encode to HLS Adaptive Bitrate in around 1 hour.

The app also has many other useful features for anyone running an OTT or IPTV streaming service.

App Feature List
  • HLS Encryption
  • Folder Or single Uploads In Bulk
  • Trim Media
  • Grab Screenshots
  • Convert AWS Transcribe JSON To SRT
  • Convert SRT/VTT Or VTT/SRT
  • Extract Audio From Video For AWS Transcribe Services
  • Conversion Tool To Create AAC/MP3/MP4 etc
  • Add ID3 Meta To Audio Files
  • Generate Bif Thumbnails For Roku Or Player
  • Get File Information
  • Encode And Upload To AWS
  • Encode And Save Locally To Your Computer

We update our Desktop App regularly, if you have a specific feature that you would like integrated or a white labeled solution for you own company we would love to hear from you.