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How Can S3Bubble Help You?

We are a SAAS company that focuses on Over The Net (OTT) media streaming via Amazon Web Services using their new Media Elemental Suite our goal is to help move services over to a full internet cloud-based end to end OTT solution from post-production to delivery.

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WordPress DRM Protected Video Streaming‎ (Woocommerce integration)

Monetize your videos and prevent your content from being downloaded with our AWS DRM Static Key security

If you would like to stop people simply using browser extensions to download your video content then we can prevent this with our proxy url solution. Please watch our video tutorial.

(S3Bubble Digital Rights Management)

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Powerful Dashboard

S3Bubble is here to make the process of building your own OTT video streaming service a little easier. Instead of trying to figure out how AWS works, and which of their many tools are needed to achieve this, we have built a service that helps you get up and running with ease.

Why pay for an expensive team of developers? Get started with our 'pay as you go' pricing model with minimal risk.

S3Bubble AWS Dashboard
(S3Bubble Dashboard)
WordPress Theme Overview

WordPress, AWS, Roku, FireTV

Wordpress is the leading CMS, powering over 30% of the web with 75 million users.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading cloud platform with millions of users worldwide.

Roku Smart TV now has 20 million users.

S3bubble connects these three powerful tools together with a 'pay as you go' pricing model. Start your service now without huge setup fees.

  • Mobile Compatible
  • VAST/VPAID Advertising
  • Google Analytics
  • Text/Audio Captions WEBVTT
  • VOD OnDemand or Live Streaming
  • Roku Direct Publisher MRSS Feed Paid ADs
  • FireTV MRSS Feed Paid ADs
  • Direct CDN, AWS, Vimeo or Youtube Support
  • DRM Protected Video Streaming‎
  • Monetize with Woocommerce
  • Amazon Uploader
  • Seasons & Episodes
  • Rating System
  • Advanced Search
  • HLS Adaptive Bitrate, DASH, MP4 Support
WordPress OTT Video Streaming Theme
(WordPress, Amazon Web Services, Roku Smart TV)

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Create A Roku Channel

Content owners can now use a new solution called Roku Direct Publisher to launch streaming channels without entering a single line of code.

Roku is also providing publishers with new video ad monetization features, including the option to have Roku handle all video ad sales read more...

S3Bubble Roku Direct Publisher
(Roku Direct Publisher)

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Create Amazon Fire TV Channel

No coding necessary! Amazon Creator is a simple-to-use web tool that will have you creating a Fire TV App in minutes.

S3Bubble generates a Media RSS (MRSS) feed for your video channel, you simply provide a link to your content and the Fire TV App will be generated. read more...

S3Bubble Amazon Fire TV Channel
(Amazon Fire TV Channel)

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We distribute millions of videos via our service every month

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