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We Keep Your Media Content Secure

For people who are serious about Media Streaming and Secure Content Delivery

Netflix's AWS Secure 128 AES HLS Encryption

S3Bubble is proud to be able to offer the same level of security used by services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

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Security was a key concern for us so many services said they could keep our content secure only to find out users could download a browser extension and download our content. S3Bubble is the most secure solution available that really does keep our content secure.

@jonebellamy, Pen Coed

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Global Analytics

Everyone has been going crazy over analytics at the moment, and we love it. S3Bubble is no exception, which is why we have built in Analytics for you to enjoy.

If you would like to find out more information about our analytics setup please read more

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@S3Bubble Love it! Thank you for making my life easier and saving me time! I’ll definitely recommend it to my friends. :)

@LisaW, Bristol

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Business packages

Sign up for a free trial here Start 30 Day Free Trial. Connect you own AWS account a free account can be aquired here.

We will spin you up a setup with basic setup for the initial trial stage with Wordpress login and dummy content to fully test your package.

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Thank you S3Bubble for making my life and business so EASY!

@DrShelly, Arizona

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Powerful upload functionality

S3Bubble is happy to release our new cloud uploader S3Bubble allows you to embed your uploader anywhere on a post or page with our simple embed code.

We also allow you only to let people upload to your bucket after they have been logged in and also another piece of great functionality you can assign a param of userid to the folder shortcode and this will sort all your users uploaded assets in folders based on the id or username, this is powerful functionality that allows you to build a fully scalable cloud application with just WordPress and S3Bubble Read more...

S3Bubble Uploader

Being able to allow my users to upload their own content has been a lifesaver for me.

@JohnS, Caerphilly

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