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Now on your WordPress website make sure you have the WP-Matomo Integration plugin installed.

It will show as WP-Matomo Integration (WP-Piwik)

WP-Matomo Integration (WP-Piwik) With S3Bubble

Go to the plugin settings under setting and WP Matomo.

Generate an auth token you should follow this guide. https://matomo.org/faq/general/faq_114/

To generate a token_auth follow these steps:

  • Log in to Matomo
  • Go to the Matomo Admin through the top menu
  • Click on Personal -> Security
  • In the bottom of the page click on “Create new token”
  • Confirm your account password
  • Enter the purpose for this plugin as a description
  • Click on “Create new token”

Enter your details in the plugin.
S3Bubble Matomo

Now go to Media and Real time and play a video on your WordPress site.

S3Bubble Analytics Matomo