Desktop App Version 1.1.5

We will be listing new updates for the desktop app here in this category.

We understand that some of our users have had issues with version 1.1.4 the main issue seemed to be users who do not have Python installed on their operating system.

You can install Python here:

In our latest version we have added two packager one that needs Python and one that doesnt you can switch which packager you want to use in the tools menu at the bottom.

This update has the following improvements.
1. New packager added to help users that dont have Python or have issues installing it.
2. Refactored code base
3. When you upload a file it will return the s3 url s3://bucket/folder this is useful when uploading assets for encoding.
4. Audio and captions now working for DASH & HLS for both encoders.
5. Better support added for using EZDRM with the encoders you can now encode for Fairplay, Widevine & Playready with both packagers.
6. Play 360 VR videos directly from your desktop simply open the video with S3Bubble and click the 360 VR button in the toolbar.

We apologies for any issues with the previous version of the app for certain users.