EZDRM Media Encoding Shaka Packger Bento4 Fairplay, Widevine & Playready.

DRM Encoder Widevine, Playready, Fairplay With EZDRM Licence Server

In this post we will detail how you can encode your media for multi drm (Widevine, Playready, Fairplay) using the S3Bubble desktop app and EZDRM as a licence server.

First we would like to announce we are proud to be listed as partners on the EZDRM website. https://www.ezdrm.com/partner-listing-trial

S3Bubble EZDRM Partners

Desktop App

First things first download the desktop app here https://s3bubble.com/aws-encoding-desktop-app/. It is available for mac and windows.

With the desktop app installed you can make the connection to AWS this is not required you can use any CDN of your choice.

We support two media packager's Shaka packager https://google.github.io/shaka-packager/html/ and Bento4 https://www.bento4.com/. These in our opinion are the best packager available right now.

With the desktop app installed simply follow this process.

Select your media.
EZDRM S3Bubble

You can select DASH for Widevine and Playready DRM or HLS for Fairplay.

Then under the DRM settings select EZDRM you will then need to enter your EZDRM username and password. You will also need the last 6 digits of you playready license url.
S3Bubble EZDRM

Then you can select your output this can be uploaded to your AWS S3 bucket and delivered via Cloudfront or saved locally to be uploaded to your own CDN.
S3Bubble EZDRM

You can now use the direct url with your own player you can test DRM at these links.
Be sure to get your license urls from the EZDRM dashboard
Widevine & Playready: https://bitmovin.com/demos/drm
Fairplay: https://developer-tools.jwplayer.com/stream-tester

EZDRM also works seamlessly with our S3Bubble player install the S3Bubble WordPress DRM plugin on your website and simply use either Elementor, a gutenberg bock or directly insert the HTML.

Video Tutorial

In this tutorial we show you how to setup studio approved drm with the S3Bubble DRM Plugin Download Desktop App