Can your videos be downloaded? How to test

In this tutorial we will be going through some basic techniques to see if your video content can be easily downloaded.

Test one Firefox browser.

First download the Firefox browser download here now let's download a video download extension.

Video downloader extension Firefox download here.

After you have installed the extension and added it to Firefox refresh the page in the top bar you will see a icon with a number if your video can be downloaded.

Please make sure you can actually download the video and save to your desktop as it may say it can download but it actual cannot complete the process.

Test two Chrome

Please go ahead and similar to Firefox download Chrome Browser download here.

Again similar to Firefox install these two browser extensions.
Video Downloader professional
GetThemAll Video Downloader
vGet Extension (Video Downloader, DLNA)

Now free your video page and see if you can download your videos.


A lot of services say they can keep your video content secure but they are not established simply one page marketing websites offering you everything under the sun and fitting as much marketing jargon as they can add in one page, but can they really deliver do they actually have examples for you to test against we do.

Test our secure setup here