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    I am using iframe embed on a membership site built in Clickfunnels. I am having complaints from customers of slow streaming speeds or buffering to the point that they can’t view the media.

    My file size on average is 150-300MB. I have over 40 videos inside of the membership which is active and would prefer not to take it offline to repair the streaming quality.

    For each video I have simply copied the iframe embed code directly from the media player and inserted into the membership

    Any suggestions are appreciated.


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    Hi, caseyshippcom,

    150-300mb is very large for online web streaming this will cause issues you can try running your video through handbrake.


    Check the web optimised button this will significantly reduce the file size.

    Also, you can encode your videos to hls adaptive bitrate streaming directly via the S3Bubble dashboard.

    Best Regards


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