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    I need a way to show all contents of a bucket, with the latest video as the default video. I was told to use a lazy playlist to display all videos in a bucket, but how do i tell it to default to the latest? It seems to be in date order, but with the oldest first.

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    Hi opentradez,

    Thanks for highlighting this we will change the order.

    Also, we haven’t worked on the lazy playlist for a while and had a few requests to bring this back.

    Maybe if you list a few pointers about what you really want for the lazy playlist functionality we can add it to our developer list.

    Best Regards


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      Hello, is there now a way to do this?

      The main thing i need is to be able to display all videos in the “bucket”, starting from the latest date (rather than the earliest which is default). I am not sure yet if there are other features we need, thanks for asking! I’ll let you know.
      I can’t use the plugin, though, until there is a way to display everything in a bucket from the latest to the earliest. If there is some other way to do this, please advise.


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