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    Hi guys, I’ve been looking forward to the S3Bubble site reopening b/c I’ve had my eye on you guys as a solution for a while now. I’m disappointed that pricing is no where to be found! Why oh why would I ever sigh up for a 30 day trial when I have no idea what it will cost when I’m done? I gotta know if it’s my price range first, ya know? Please send me the price list or amend your site.

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    Hi Matt,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention, can’t believe we hadn’t noticed that ourselves, what a mistake to make. We are currently going to continue $7.99/month deal. This is for our basic package, we are still negotiating the premium package which will include our new theme’s we are building.

    Hope this answers your questions, and thank you for keeping an eye on us. Hope you enjoy using the service, if you need anything or have any feedback please don’t hesitate to get it touch. For a faster response time email us at support@s3bubble.com, we are still a small team so checking all contact mediums can be a challenge.

    Best Regards

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