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home Forums General Questions & Bugs Player not working in s3bubble app, but plays ok on wordpress site?

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    Every single channel that is created for HLS / ABR won’t play inside the s3bubble app. It gives me these warnings:

    Advise please make sure your resource is the same name as your bucket

    Advise please try and clear the cache on your Cloudfront Distribution you can do this in the Cloudfront section select this Distribution action menu and click clear cache

    I clear the cache, but nothing changes. IDK what it means by “make sure your resource is the same name as your bucket”.

    Any ideas, anyone?

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    Hi wingsinnature,

    Did you resolve this?

    I think you are using drm security if this is the case then your videos will never play through the s3bubble dashboard they will only play on the website you have set the proxy url for with the WordPress plugin.

    Best Regards


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