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    Hi, I have some friendly suggestions for your platform and services.

    Can you make it easier for us to monetize the sites with ads? When I try to add Google Adsense it tells me I don’t have content on my site even though I have over 200 videos and counting.

    Also I tried to use WP Smart TV plugin to create MRSS feeds for Roku and Fire TV but this plugin keeps breaking my site. Is there away you can make a MRSS feed for Fire TV as well?

    I know you guys are pretty busy but I think you should think about adding these options to your services. Many of your competitors offer them. I like your set up over your competitors adding these things can blow them out the water.

    So to recap, please add these capabilities to your services;

    – easy way to add google adsense
    – easy way to monetize the site through subscriptions, ads, etc. (S2 member and Woo Commerce ok but would like them directly built into the platform for non-techy people like myself).
    – MRSS direct feed for Fire TV as well
    – Apple TV conversion of some sort will be great as well

    I hope you guys find time to implement some of these ideas. I really like what you have going so far!

    oh p.s a nice affiliate program wouldn’t hurt either.

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