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    my account shows that it is temporarily disabled due to non-payment but when I try to pay it is not accepting and shows these

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    kindly provide a solution asap, i have about 1500 videos added through s3bubble and due to this non-working i have currently made my site offline and losing a lot of users and building a bad reputation

    hope you understand the urgency

    i have also sent a email to support@s3bubble.com but not received and reply

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    Hi zawan_na,

    We have checked and this is the 7th time your system has been demoted due to failed payments the payment method you are using doesn’t appear to work.

    We highly suggest you move over to our usage billing to prevent this from happening this is an edge case we are not sure why your payment always fails. Go to the pricing page cancel your current account and sign up for usage billing you won’t have any downtime.

    We have unsuspended your account our system automatically does this after 3 failed payments we have increased the failed payments to 5 but you will still need to update your payment info here.


    Again please think about switching to the usage billing the demoting system is managed in house and nothing happens automatically.

    Best Regards


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    • This reply was modified 3 weeks, 4 days ago by  s3bubble.
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    thanks for the reply. sure i will change to usage billing.

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    how are you i was having some issues with my bank, i got the issue resolved but my s3 bubble account was connected to that bank account, whenever i log into my s3 bubble account, its telling me that my trail has expired ” select a package below” but when i click on purchase , it redirects me to a cancel page but it says ” nothing to cancel your not a paid member” im willing to get on the usage per month plan but whenever i try to pay for it , its not letting me, its saying ” nothing to cancel your not a paid member”. its saying im a member whenever i log in but when i try to purchase the usage plan its saying ” nothing to cancel your not a paid member” not sure what to do

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    i saw the previous comment where someone else was having the same issue and you guys unsuspended their account, im guessing it automatically suspended my account, is there a way for me to get my account unsuspended in order to purchase the usage plan or should sign up for a new account & if i was to sign up for a new account with a different email would i have to go through the whole process of connecting s3 bubble and everything to my WP site all over again ?

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