Online Video Security Vimeo AWS S3Bubble

We recently uploaded a video tutorial explaining the savings that can be made using Vimeo as a CDN over AWS.

This video has been viewed by many people who would like to reduce their cost but would also like to keep their video content secure we want to write a simple post explain that switching to Vimeo you won't be able to secure your video we have asked them the question for you here is a screengrab of the response.

Vimeo experiences the same issues we have had over the years keeping your content secure is a constant uphill battle but it is also something that is crucial to monetize your content you will need to overview your business and outline the costs of keeping your content secure with the amount of money you can save over the risk of your users downloading and sharing your content.

We are pleased to offer off the best security for SMEs and are always looking for ways keep security protocols up to date dealing with new ways people find to download your media. We do agree with Vimeo in the statement that if someone wants your content and have a high technical knowledge they could simply screengrab and share.

Knowing your users is key.