Switching to the new plugin

Hello S3bubble recently underwent some large changes to keep the service running we now need everyone to move over to the main plugin setups as we will no longer be supporting iframes or the old plugin versions we need to do this to keep on top of security and to be able to move forward as a service we can no longer support multiple legacy versions.

Here is how you update to the latest version first search for the S3Bubble plugin through the WordPress dashboard or download it directly from this link.


Make sure you remove or deactivate any old versions of the plugin.

You now have everything installed to get your videos back up and running simply navigate to your video in the S3Bubble dashboard and get your video code you can then add it anywhere in WordPress by entering the html code like this.

<div class="s3bubble" data-code="psvuwv"></div>

!Important you must make sure you have added your website in the S3Bubble dashaboard here: