S3Bubble The New Release

S3Bubble is back, the moment you've all been waiting for

Thank you for your patience, we know you've been eagerly anticipating the arrival or S3Bubbles rerelease.  We have taken the time to ensure that our security measures and expert functionality you deserve was in place before releasing anything.

S3Bubble is proud to present a new and improved media streaming service.  Our vision has not changed, we are still here to provide unlimited video and audio streaming solutions for WordPress sites.  We have just pushed S3Bubble forward as a new and improved service.  We want to make it easier for companies out there to simply stream and sell their media content, whether that be for educational purposes, entertainment or business S3Bubble is the solution.  The joy of S3Bubble is in the word "unlimited", thanks to Amazon Web Services (AWS) we are able to create powerful unstoppable tools for you developers out there to build media streaming membership sites, just like having your very own Netflix.

The three key new features are themes, consumer analytics and video advertising.  Consumer analytics and video advertising are an exciting introduction to S3Bubble giving our subscribers the opportunity to see where their target audience is and wisely choose advertisements that would interest them.  The biggest new feature though is our first theme, everything you would need to build a successful video membership site has been included.  Options to sell video tutorials individually, as a course or sign up as a subscriber for unlimited access.  It's your theme, so you get to choose.

Hope you enjoy S3Bubble, keep an eye out we will be releasing new themes and plugins in the near future.  We've already started work on a Netflix style theme, just imagine the possibilities.