The History of S3Bubble

S3Bubble has recently completed it's prototype year, and oh what a roller coaster year it has been.

The founder, inventor, entrepreneur Samuel East first started this mission with Audibase, an audio social networking service.  Sam has always been passionate about building a service that harnesses the power Amazon S3, providing the knowledge and tools needed to stream unlimited video and audio content.  This is how S3Bubble was born.

When debating the decision to rebuild and relaunch the S3Bubble service the biggest problem we had to solve was how do we make a feature rich service streamlined, simple and user friendly, to entice a wider audience.  We were aware of the flaws and problems in our service and so knew how important it was to improve the usability of our product.  We have a lot to thank our loyal first customers for, thank you for your negative and positive comments, your petitions have been heard and we hope you're happy with the outcome.

Present day S3Bubble has a new snazzy logo; a new simple to the point website; a new and improved management system and a new all encompassing theme with a clear vision to see S3bubble become the lead provider of media streaming solutions.