How to sync S3cmd with Amazon S3

We are going to take you though syncing a local folder with S3cmd onto your computer with an Amazon S3 bucket.  This post is for you developers out there, helping you get the most out of you S3Bubble account.

What is S3cmd?

S3cmd is a free command line tool and client for uploading, retrieving and managing data in Amazon S3 and other cloud storage service providers that use the S3 protocol, such as Google Cloud Storage or DreamHost DreamObjects. It is best suited for power users who are familiar with command line programs.

Now you have an overview lets dive in and install S3cmd.  We are working on a Mac but there are plenty of windows tutorials available, you can download the latest version here

Read the instruction above on the website and after the download and extraction process you should be able to run via Terminal.
sudo python install

The above will install S3cmd on your computer. Now before configuring S3cmd lets create an S3Bubble app.

Creating an S3Bubble Application

1. Sign up for an s3bubble account
2. Connect your Amazon S3 account to S3Bubble.
3. Click S3bubble Apps in the top menu or from your profile and click add app.
4. Create a new app with the permission you require, it will need read write access as we will be writing to the bucket.  Click save and your app will be created and you can simply grab you keys.

Great now lets configure S3cmd run.
s3cmd --configure

When prompted to enter your key please enter your access key and secret key.

Great, now that you have a connection between S3Bubble and your computer, run this command to check via Terminal.
s3cmd ls

The above will list your buckets. We are now going to create a bucket, please go to S3Bubble click Add Bucket in the top menu and name your bucket, your bucket will then be created.

Still with me?  Don't worry if not, I will provide a video tutorial at the end demonstrating the process.  If you're still stuck after that, please don't hesitate to contact our team and we will support you in any way we can, just contact us on

Now Let's Sync

Open Terminal and navigate into the destination you wish to sync, now lets run the sync command.
s3cmd --acl-private sync ./ s3://bucket/folder/

You can add private to keep everything private on Amazon S3.

Awesome you can now watch you files syncing with S3Bubble

Video tutorial below.