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    Hi there;

    I was wondering if it’s possible to use S3 Bubble (the plugin or the site) to host videos in wordpress securely? What I mean is I don’t want someone to be able to right click and see a video file URL they can download.

    Can S3 Bubble do that?

    Thanks for your help.
    – Adam

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    Hi Adam,

    Good morning from the UK.

    We are working on a RTMP streaming plugin which we will be releasing shortly, i can add you as a beta tester to our list.

    So we will cover two options.
    Progressive streaming via our basic plugin for users who have their video behind a secure payment gateway and what the advantage of the cheap costs from AWS services, and also users that just want to get their content out their and create video blogs etc and monitor analytics via the dashboard and mobile apps.

    And our RTMP streaming plugin for a fully secure solution i will update this post later today with a beta version url for testing.

    RTMP LIVE TEST (This link may change if so contact support@s3bubble.com for a demo) http://s3bubblertmp.users40.interdns.co.uk/

    All our themes will have the option for secure RTMP streaming our Bubbles theme and Netflix theme but these are currently still in development, we are a small team and working hard to get these released as soon as we can.

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards


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    May I be added for beta testing also. Th is solution I need also

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    Hi webdevmedias

    We have made a decision to add everything to one plugin this one.


    I will update this post today with a video tutorial taking you through how to setup

    RTMP streaming DEMO HERE
    HLS streaming DEMO HERE

    and we will also have a option for Live Streaming in .m3u8 streams.

    Please watch this post and i will update today, it will be great having you as a beta tester.

    Best Regards


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    Hi All,

    We have added all the RTMP and HLS streaming options to the main plugin which is live on the WordPress repo.

    Here is a video on getting started with secure RTMP streaming and S3Bubble.


    And here is a video on the importance of RTMP streaming.


    To download the plugin please go here.

    Any questions please ask.

    Best Regards


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